How to Start a War

War can be started against another country. It is the only way to take territory from another country.

Before starting a war

To start a war, several prerequisites must be met. You can start a war if the territories of the nations face each other and if the nations have enough NC to pay in the event of defeat. Note that if the above prerequisites are not met, you cannot start a war.

Declaration of War

A declaration of war can be made by the king or a minister by using the main menu or

/nation war <id of the other country>
. Once war is declared, a
24-hour preparation period
begins. War begins automatically at the end of the preparation period. If there are no players in the other nation at the beginning of the war, the war is won. If there are no players in either nation, the war is canceled. When the war starts, the people are teleported to their nations.

After the war starts

War begins after

24 hours
from the declaration of war. When war begins, the location of the enemy's Nexus is displayed at the top of the inventory and the scoreboard is switched to war. This change is maintained until the war is over.