Protect and sell architecture

Protect the architecture in your country and protect it from other citizens. Sell your protected buildings and earn SC and become a millionaire.

Protecting Architecture

Players who belong to a nation can protect the architecture of their nation. To do so, left-click or right-click on the desired area with the wooden stick and select main menu or

/n protect claim
to complete the protection. Since it costs
per block to protect, if you don't have enough SC, you can use daily quest, adventure chest, chest store to collect SC. Once protected, it prevents other citizens from destroying and installing blocks. The protected land can be restored by executing
/n protect purge
. The SC consumed in that case will not be returned.

Selling Architecture

Protected buildings can be sold from the land by selecting Main Menu or

/n protect sell <amount>
. When the sold land is purchased, the player who sold the building will receive the specified amount of SC immediately. You can end the sale with
/n protect deport

Buying Buildings

You can purchase buildings for sale by paying the specified amount of SC. Purchases can be made by using

/n protect buy
from within an architecture. To maintain the purchase of a building, it must be renewed every two months and the
/n protect continue
must be executed within that time period from within the building. Each renewal will cost a certain amount of SC. Also, when you purchase a building, you can teleport to the country where the building is located by paying
. Teleportation is available from the main menu. Please note that you will not be refunded if your purchased buildings are stolen by war or any other reason. Please purchase safe buildings.