The End of the War

How to win the war

To win the war, either destroy the enemy nation's Nexus, or when the war time limit ends, the nation with the highest remaining HP in the Nexus will win the war. The nation that destroys Nexus first within the time limit will win the game, so the total power of the nation will be tested.


If you want to stop the war in the middle of the war, you can surrender. If the king or a minister of a nation performs a

/n surrender
, the nation is defeated at that moment. A surrender is treated the same as a normal defeat.

Special effects during war

During war, Protection of territory will disappear. It becomes possible for players outside the nation to attack, destroy or install blocks. Conversely, mobs and entities such as animals in the territory will be protected. Protected mobs and entities become invincible and cannot be defeated during the war. Also, during the war, item drops will not occur due to the installation or destruction of blocks in the territory. In addition, the use of elytra will be partially restricted at all times during the war.