After war

Rollback of Blocks

When the war ends, blocks destroyed or installed during the war are rolled back only within the territory. No buildings are destroyed or supplies disappear as a result of the war.

Seizure of territory

If you win a war, you can take an enemy state's territory that was facing your state's territory. Also if a certain territory in Nexus is seized, the seized enemy state is destroyed. If an enemy state is destroyed by the taking of Nexus, the full amount of NC owned by the enemy state is taken.


When a country loses a war, it incurs reparations in addition to the taking of territory. The reparations are calculated based on the strength of the country and the number of online players, with smaller amounts for disadvantageous player differences and larger amounts for advantageous ones. The claimed compensation is automatically deducted from the state's NC. If the state is short of NC, the territory is converted to NC for payment. If the nation does not have enough NC, including territories, the nation will be destroyed; if the nation is destroyed due to lack of NC, all NC will belong to the victorious nation. Also, any reparations paid will belong to the victorious state.

Grace period

Winning a war triggers a grace period. The grace period is 7 days, during which time it is no longer possible to declare war on the defeated nation. For other nations, war can be declared as usual. If the defeated nation declares war during the grace period, the grace period will expire.

declaration of war