Develop a Nation

Develop your nation and unite the world with your country. The functions described here are mainly for kings and ministers.

Adding More Citizens

To add more citizens to a nation, you need to send an invitation to the player to join your nation. Invitations can be sent using

/n invite <mcid>
. If the invitation is accepted, the player becomes a citizen. Conversely, you can kick a citizen from a country with
/n kick <mcid>
. Let's build a strong nation with many citizens!


Setting up roles

There are three types of positions in a nation: King, Minister, and Citizen. The player who founded the nation becomes the king, and the player who joined the nation becomes a citizen. Only the king and ministers can manage the nation. The king can promote a citizen to the rank of minister by

/n promote <mcid>
. Conversely, a
/n demote <mcid>
to a minister will demote him to citizen. Also, a
/n promote <mcid>
by the king to a minister can transfer the king.

How to increase your territory

To increase a nation's territory, use Main menu or the king or minister must make a

/n claim
on land adjacent to the nation. When performed,
100 NC
will be consumed from the NC credited to the state. If you do not have enough NCs for your nation, you can collect NCs by Daily quest or Adventure chest to deposit them, or encourage your people to deposit their NCs. Conversely, perform
/n disclaim
on an acquired territory will return to the wilderness and the NC consumed will be returned to the nation.


※The territory of the state is indicated by a border as shown in the image. It changes to orange when viewed from the outside.

How to make alliances

You can apply for an alliance between nations with

/n ally invite <nation ID>
. If the other nation approves the application, it becomes an alliance. Once an alliance is formed, each nation's citizens are protected within each other's nation. However, when an ally loses a war, it must bear 10% of the reparations. Also, allies cannot engage in war with each other. Alliances can be broken by
/n ally remove <nation ID>


リChanging the respawn position

The respawn position of a nation is the initial respawn point in WAR. It also serves as the teleportation point for the nation. The nation's respawn location is initially the nexus location. It can be changed to any location from the main menu.