How to Create a Nation

Create the strongest nation and unify the world.

Decide the name of your nation

The name of the nation can be decided by the player who created the nation, and the name will be displayed on the world map and war. There are no limit on names, so create your own original nation. You will be charged to change the name of your nation, so please decide carefully.

Founding a Nation

You can found a nation by main menu or using

/n new <name of country>
in the chat box. You will need
to found a country. If you don't have enough, you can collect SC by Daily Quest etc.



When a nation is created, a luminous endstone is generated in the center of the chunk where the nation was founded. This endstone is the nexus. It cannot be destroyed. The nexus is used as the nucleus of the nation when war is conducted.

2022-07-13_23 39 01

※The image shows the nexus that was automatically generated when the state was created. y80 is generated around y80.

Protection of territory

After a nation is established, its territory is protected. Nationals within a nation's territory are immune from attack by players who do not belong to that nation. It also prevents other players who do not belong to the state from setting up or destroying blocks in the territory.

Teleportation to a Nation

If you are a member of a nation, you can teleport to the nation by spending SC. Teleportation is initiated by doing

/n spawn
in the chat box. Each time you use it, you will spend
, so please use it systematically. Also, you must remain still for a few seconds after the teleportation.